Equipment required to play Bowls


Shoes with any type of heel or tread that would leave a mark on the green are NOT allowed on the green. This is VERY important and if you do not have appropriate footwear you will not be allowed to play. Most trainers, pumps and even sandals that have a mostly flat sole are fine. Soles that are very smooth are not recommended in wet eather to avoid slipping.

Clothing. Stay warm but comfortable

Bring layers as bowling happens in all weathers. Only a completely waterlogged green stops play.


We will have Jacks, mats and a number of bowls of different sizes which students can use for our sessions but in order to play outside these sessions you will need your own bowls. Once we have established your correct size you may want to buy some to practise yourself.

Additional Accessories

Your own Jack, mat, bowls bag, towel to dry bowls in wet weather, scorer, measurer, pen for scoring are excellent Christmas presents once you have really got the Bowls Bug and are playing regularly


A plastic mat about 150mm wide which is the start point for an end. Each player must keep their back foot on the mat until their bowl leaves their hand, and should stay on the mat until their bowl stops.


A smaller bowl, usually yellow but could be black or white, that is sent out first and becomes the target. It should stop at least 19 meters from the center of the mat.


Larger than the Jack and usually black with a white or colored spot on each side. Then can be from 2lb to almost 3lbs in weight. Young bowlers need Bowls close to 2lb. Each bowler has two of these which are sent towards the Jack seperately to try to get closest.


Each time the Jack has been sent out and the bowls sent toward it is an End


Once all the bowls have been sent, the ball closest scores a point for that bowler. If the same bowler has the next closest they score two points for that end. If there is not a clear winner, the distance is measured with a Measurer. If the closest still cannot be determined the end is a Dead End and no points are awarded


Ends are played until one of the players has scored the target amount, usually 11 or 21


Several players, usually about 10 will play in a team. Each player plays a game against an opponent of another team. The match is decided by the team who wins the most games. The total points may also count.