Our Junior Program will take place at the Oval on Thursday Mornings

Bowling is a great outdoors activity that is stimulating and challenging and young bowlers often improve quickly.

We have had five of our members trained as Assistant Coaches specifically for new bowlers and with emphasis on teaching juniors. All have also been DBS checked and the program will follow all Safeguarding Guidelines. This does involve a variety of forms and permissions, most of which will be able to be completed on line.

There are other Junior programs in North Wales and we have consulted with these to design our program. We will be talking with these two schools in mid June to identify the students we will invite to the program this summer. We can only have 4 students per coach so will have to limit the number we can invite.

The program will start late in the summer term and go on through the summer holidays, always on Thursday Mornings from about 10 till 11.30am. While the pupils are still in school they will be accompanied by a teacher and taken to and from the Llandudno Oval Bowling Club. During the summer holidays it will be necessary for an adult to bring them to the ground and stay with them through the session, then taking them home. It will therefore be important during our selection process that we identify students who have a relative who is willing to support them through this process. This is also important to help them practise outside of training sessions as each student will join the club for a nominal £1 payment to cover insurance and this means they can visit the club at any time with an accompanying adult. For a payment of an additional £5 any accompanying adult can join that junior on the green and play throughout the rest of the season. This includes ANY adult that accompanies that child, and will be specific to the child not any specific adult.

Bowling is fun for all Ages

With several very active junior programs in North Wales there are many high quality young bowlers playing at Club and County and in the Wales Junior Team. We would love to have our own bowlers taking part at this level in the future and are committed to a long term development program to acheive this. The most important objective though is for the students to have fun and the training program will have many elements to include this in the sessions.

The program will not only include the correct technique but also etiquette, scoring and the rules of the game.We will have smaller sizes of bowling balls available at the start but students may want to invest in their own once the size that suits them has been found. There are many fun styles and colours available.

Codes of Conduct

Coaches, club members, and all parents and students must adhere to a suitable Code of Conduct which they must agree to follow. This simply requires behaving appropriately and respecting everyone else. The details of the these agreements can be seen in the links on this page.

Sending us some Information

If you like what you have read here, you can get in touch in two ways. If you have any questions you can use the Contact US link on this page and fill in your email and phone number so when can reply. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit. If you want to apply for a place for a Junior use the Apply link on this page. Fill in all the details and make sure you have read and agree to BOTH codes of conduct. Scroll down to the bottom and add any additional comments or questions. Finally Click Submit. Each of these will send a secure email to Frank Jones, Assistant Secretary and leader of the Junior Program. All information will be kept safe and secure.